ES 200

The smart new engine scanner from Bosch for fast and accurate diagnosis


ES 200 is a simple, efficient, time-saving, hand-held diagnostic solution from Bosch. The presence of electronics in most cars sold in India is increasing exponentially, this driving workshops to equip themselves with diagnostic tools to provide comprehensive services. ES 200 offers fundamental engine diagnosis for top brands - Maruti, Hyundai, Mahindra and Tata. It also offers OBD II code readout.

Standard Features

  • Displays real time data
  • Custom list for live data
  • Displays code definitions
  • Single press return function to Main menu
  • Internet updatable

Hardware Features

  • Optional battery power
  • Field updatable via USB port
  • OBD II code readout

Software Features

  • Reads and erases DTCs
  • Reads and displays real-time data
  • Actuations
  • Visual indicator when communicating with the vehicle
  • Pending and permanent DTCs
  • Code lookup library
ES 200 Unit Specifications
Weight 566 gm
Dimensions 1.36" H x 3.40" W x 5.60" L
Display Back-lit, 128 x 64 pixel display with contrast adjust
Operating Temperature 00C to 500C (320F to 1220F)
Storage Temperature -200C to 700C (-40F to 1580F)
Internal Power 4 AAA batteries
External Power 8-14 V
A minimum of 8V is required for most control modules to operate properly in a vehicle